Living in 2080

19 mart.

Have you ever imagined how our life will be in the future or what it will look like in 2080? Let’s try to do it together. For sure it will be completely different and totally changed. The first things which emerge from my mind are a lot of floating cities, no roads on the ground and flying cars capable of operating underwater. The era of smog-filled skies will be over at last, as we’ll be piloting environmentally friendly personal vehicles between cities and under the seas. And we will never be lost again thanks to GPS-driven virtual mapping; who knows, with teleportation we may not need to travel at all! I strongly believe that technology will advance enough to make use of all our natural resources in order to help feed and keep healthy and comfortable our growing population.

By 2080 they will have cut down on both healthcare costs and human errors by creating robotic surgeons. The robotic surgeon will work on demand, using perfect information, do a perfect job, and have a perfect record. Operations will cost far less because they will no longer need tests, labs, or an actual surgeon. Plus, operations will be faster because the robotic surgeon will work with eight hands instead of two. It will be quick; it will be amazing.

A computer microchip will be used instead of x-rays and ultrasound. It will be implanted into every major part of everybody’s body. The chips will contain all the details needed to care for that part of the body. These details will be continually updated by the body. No tests will be required. The chip will always contain perfect information which ensures a perfect operation. Once the microchips are implanted you will be good-to-go.

What is more genetic engineering will allow us to create the perfect human. It will be hard to get used to! Parents will order a baby with some definite appearance, physical abilities and features of character. To tell the truth, this kind of thing I would prefer never to happen!

In the future, apartment living won’t be a sacrifice. Instead, we imagine technology to greatly enhance our lives and bring about improved appliances and alternative energy sources. Every young person will afford to stay alone in his own apartment. The houses will disappear. The apartments will be rather small but reasonably, comfortably and smartly furnished. Each apartment will be comprised of different types of expanding spaces. You’ll be able to arrange and rearrange your apartment the way you want and need. Very convenient and useful thing, especially when some unexpected guests want „to crash at your pad”! The apartment structures will be made of extendable floors and walls.

Another cool feature of future living is your own Instant Garden. Each apartment will have an indoor greenhouse, where all you need to do is add seeds, and water your Insta-Garden, and the special device will grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices for you in a perfectly maintained environment.

By 2080, green and alternative energy will probably be the norm, translating into reduced energy costs. People will understand at last that fossil fuels are non-renewable and will start using all kinds of renewable sources of energy I mean solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric power, bioenergy, hydrogen and ocean energy.

So, our future doesn’t look bad at all, I would say. The only unacceptable but inevitable thing which will happen and I don’t want it – is having robots at home or at work. They will do everything we ask them to, but they will never be able to love and to sympathize.


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