7 steps to find CIA’s director email password

21 oct.
  1. Find his mobile phone network carrier. Let’s call it Verizon.
  2. Pretend to be a Verizon technician and call the desk asking and ask for details about director’s account because you’re on the field and “your tools are down.”
  3. Verizon will ask for your “Vcode” (a code that Verizon assigns each of its employees). Invent one.
  4. Verizon will give you the following information: Brennan’s “four-digit PIN, the backup mobile number on the account, Brennan’s AOL email address, and the last four digits on his bank card.”
  5. Call AOL, posing as the director, and say you are locked out of your email account.
  6. AOL will ask a series of security questions, such as the last four digits of the bank card and use the answers you got from Verizon.
  7. AOL then resets the password for you.

This is not fiction. This did happen a little while ago to the CIA’s director, John Brennan that had his AOL email account hacked. The funny fact is that he forwarded some official emails to this email account and the hackers found them and then blackmailed him.

If hacking his email account is that easy, how complicated could it be to hack Romanian officials’ email inboxes?

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