The pitchforks are coming

7 iul.

Un articol interesant despre cum discrepanța imensă intre „top 1%” și „99%”, istoric vorbind, se termină cu revolte de stradă:

Câteva idei extrase:

  • No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality
  • Revolutions, like bankruptcies, come gradually, and then suddenly
  • The model for rich guys here should be Henry Ford, who realized that all his autoworkers in Michigan weren’t only cheap labor to be exploited; they were consumers, too
  • If workers have more money, businesses have more customers.
  • During the past three decades, compensation for CEOs grew 127 times faster than it did for workers.
  • The thing about us business people is that we love our customers rich and our employees poor
  • Seattle example regarding minimum wage as a winning example
  • Wal-mart example as a loosing example
  • If people are getting $15 an hour or more, they don’t need food stamps
  • Capitalism left unchecked tends toward concentration and collapse
Nu fi egoist, dă mai departe să ajungă la tot poporul

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